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We have worked with all kinds of cars in all kinds of conditions. Hairy, messy, filthy or just in need of a spruce up. Check out some of our work that we completed!


We offer a wide range of services that will help get your car cleaned up in no time. Our detail packages provide great value. We also offer A La Carte services.

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Don’t wait to get your vehicle in for a detail, book today! Our spots fill up fast. Details make great gifts as well. Reach out to us if you are interested in purchasing a detail as a gift.

More than a detail,
an experience for your car!

At Badand Detailing we understand that there are a lot of options to getting your car detailed. This is why we focus on providing your more than just a clean car that will draw the looks of your friends and family. We focus on the experience through the entire process ensuring that it is smooth and gets you back on the road as soon as possible. Come experience Badland Detailing!

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Auto Detailing in Minot, ND

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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

2 kids and 2 dogs and they made my car look like I picked it up from the factory!

Melissa Sprague

Huge rave on BadLand Detailing! I was given the keys to a work car that was at least 27 levels of nasty & they made it look & smell like new. Dustin & Christina did an excellent job! So happy! They even gave me a ride home after dropping it off with them & delivered it to me when it was finished! Unbeatable customer service! Definitely worth the trip

Mary Wald

Just got my Penelope back, and she looks amazing, you guys did a phenomenal job. Thank you so much

Tanja Washington