Exterior Detailing Services

Interior Detailing Services

Detailing Value Packages

A La Carte Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing Services

All exterior detailing services include a hand wash and hand dry of the vehicles exterior surfaces.  Prices are based on size and condition of vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings

At Badland Detailing we use R1 Coatings. R1 is a nano ceramic coating unlike any other. Nano ceramic coatings are vastly superior to traditional waxes and paint sealants. R1 Coatings™ will bond to the surface of your vehicle at the molecular level to form an ultra durable barrier and provide permanent protection and shine.

We offer a 5 year and a 7 year coating.

Full Protection

Our Full Protection lasts longer than wax or polish because it bonds an invisible layer of protection to the finish providing 6 months of protection to your vehicle. Our Full Protection will yield a beautiful dazzling shine with a high dirt resistance! All you will need to do to keep that shine is wash and dry. Reseals should be done every 6 months.


  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Chrome (bumpers, grills, etc)
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Trims
Wash N' Dry
This service is recommended as a cosmetic maintenance service in between Full Protection Treatments.

Interior Detailing Services

All services include attention to all interior surfaces. Wipe down of door edges and glass. Prices are based on size and condition of vehicle.

Complete Interior

• Air purge interior components to loosen debris
• Vacuum carpets, seating surfaces, rear deck or cargo area
• Carefully clean headliner
• Scrub and clean all vinyl and leather components
• Clean and detail console, steering wheel, dashboard and door panels
• Special attention to all cracks, crevices, pockets, levers, buttons and bezels
• Clean carpets and all seating surfaces to remove stains
• Condition all vinyl and leather components
• Clean windows, mirrors, gauges and chrome

Express Clean

• Vacuum carpets and seating surfaces in cabin
• Express clean all vinyl and leather components
• Clean console, steering wheel, dashboard and door panels
• Clean windows, mirrors, gauges and chrome

Autio Detailing Value Packages

Full Service

This is the full meal deal. Your car will look great! Protect your paint and deep clean the Interior.
• Full Protection
• Complete Interior

Basic Cleaning

When you just want it clean, shining and smelling good.
• Wash ‘N Dry
• Express Clean

New Vehicle Protection Package

Perfect for vehicles that are still practically brand new and need very little cleaning and detailing. Vehicles that are 30 days old or newer are eligible for this service. Our New Vehicle Protection Package is a fraction of what the new car dealer charges.

• Full Protection Treatment
• Fabric Protection to carpets and upholstered seating surfaces
• Leather conditioner to leather trim and seating surfaces
• Vinyl conditioner with UV protection to all vinyl components
• Clean windows and mirror

A La Carte Detailing Services

Leather Seats Cleaning and Conditioning

Clean and condition leather seats with properly pH balanced cleaner. Condition leather to keep surfaces soft and supple and instill a new conditioned look. Dry and dirty leather will eventually crack and the dye will wear off. This service is recommended at least twice per year.

Fabric Protection

Ideal for new vehicles! This invisible barrier protects against food and protein spills and makes vacuuming quicker and easier. It will keep carpets and upholstery cleaner longer. Perfect for kids and pets.
(carpets and upholstery must be cleaned first if not new)

Tire Shine

Keep your tires clean and shiny

Plastic Trim Restoration

Your dark trim can get older looking than necessary. Make your car look sharp again with a restoration of those pieces.

Headlight Restoration

Bring back the life of your headlight covers.

Odor Removal

Whether it is from a long trip or from smoking over time your car can get that smell. We can clean and treat using an ozone generator to remove those nasty odors. (Source of smell must be found and dealt with separately)


All interior carpet and upholstery.


Carpet and upholstery must be clean and free of debris.

Carpet Dying

Makes stained and faded carpets look new again.

Paint Correction

Compound and Polish using dual action polishers to remove minor blemishes from the surface of your clearcoat.

Engine Cleaning

Degrease and wash your engine compartment.

Auto Detailing in Minot, ND

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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

2 kids and 2 dogs and they made my car look like I picked it up from the factory!

Melissa Sprague

Huge rave on BadLand Detailing! I was given the keys to a work car that was at least 27 levels of nasty & they made it look & smell like new. Dustin & Christina did an excellent job! So happy! They even gave me a ride home after dropping it off with them & delivered it to me when it was finished! Unbeatable customer service! Definitely worth the trip

Mary Wald

Just got my Penelope back, and she looks amazing, you guys did a phenomenal job. Thank you so much

Tanja Washington